3 Things To Make Your Apartment Kitchen Feel Like Home

If you’re a young adult like me, you’ve probably moved around a lot. I’m not even 25 and I’ve lived in 4 different apartments in 4 years. While you may move to a different apartment because you need a change of scenery or because you need to move to be close to a job, you’re probably not moving into an apartment because of their stellar stove. I’ve lived in apartments with some of the most cramped kitchen imaginable and some with virtually no counter space.

It’s hard. It’s hard to move from your comfy home with your family – where they might have invested in their kitchen appliances – to a small apartment with a dismal kitchen.

Since I have a long time between my present situation and a future home with a top-of-the-line stove, I’ve come up with some tactics to make my various apartment kitchens feel like home. Hopefully, these tips will help you too!

  1. Organize! Storage!
    One of the most tragic things about moving into a new apartment is having no place to organize all your kitchen stuff. I once lived in an apartment with approximately four-square feet on counter space. The biggest mistake I made living in that place was waiting too long to get extra organization.
    While some storage things are expensive, they’re totally worth it. So if you don’t have a ton of counter space come up with a way to make more – like a portable island or a table that matches the counter height! Get creative and try your darndest to come up with a way to keep your kitchen organized.
  2. Do something to remind you of home
    My mother always had a kitchen witch in our old house when I lived on the other side of the country. Naturally, I had to get my own. If you have something from your childhood kitchen that makes you feel nostalgic, get one for your own kitchen.
  3. Keep it clean
    When you’re living with roommates – as many young adults do – your kitchen becomes a warzone pretty quickly. Make sure to keep your entire kitchen as clean as possible otherwise you’re not going to ever want to go in it… and that’s pretty heartbreaking as a cook.

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