“Siesta’s Eqqseptional favorites” Deep Dish Quiche Du Jour with Fresh Fruit 6.79 Broken Egg Breakfast 2 Eggs, Toast, Incredible Hash Browns with Ham, Bacon or Sausage. 5.29 Broken Eggwich 2 eggs, smoked ham, sausage or bacon,

American cheese on our large croissant or bagel, served with fruit. 4.99 John’s Breakfast 3 eggs scrambled with fresh vegetables & Swiss cheese. served with an English muffin and fruit. 5.99 Omelet Du Chef – 3 egg omelet with today’s selection of meats & veggies & cheese. Ask Your Server.

Corned Beef Hash – Served with 2 eggs sliced tomatoes & toast. – 5.99 The Sampler – I egg, bacon or Sausage with incredible hashbrowns & I pancake – 5.99

With a Premium Pancake – 6.29 The Sheepherder – 2 eggs poached over incredible hash browns smothered with cheddar & Swiss cheese. Served with fresh -fruit & toast. – 6.39 Scram Sam – 3 eggs scrambled with smoked salmon & chives. Served with tomatoes, onion, cream cheese & bagel, – 7.49 Norwegian Smoked Salmon & bagel With tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cream cheese & capers – 7.99 egg Largo – An English muffin topped with ham, tomatoes, 2 poached eggs, melted cheeses, sour cream & scallions with incredible hash browns. – 729 Eggs Benedict – (Traditional) with Fruit – 759 Crab Cakes Benedict – With Fruit. – 7.99 Portobello Benedict – English muffins poached eggs,grilled portobello mushrooms, tomatoes and hollandaise sauce – 7.99 Mexican Skillet – Chorizo and peppers -topped with scrambled eggs and hot sauce, served with fruit & toast, – 6.99  

PANCAKES Choose from ground whole wheat or buttermilk batter served with butter and warm maple syrup. Add 50. Cents extra for each item from the list below: Apples Pecans Raspberries Blue berries Pineapples Coconut Strawberries granola Chocolate Chips Raisins Walnuts Wheat Germ Single (1) – 2.99 Full (2) – 4.99 Bear Creek Pancake – Oatmeal, milk, whole wheat flour – 3.59 Pancake – One large buttermilk Cake with blueberries, bananas,and wheat germ – 4.49

Our Syrup is a real maple blend Canadian maple syrup is available on Request

Croissant French Toast – Our largest croissant dipped in sweetened egg batter and grilled – 3.79 Whole Wheat French Toast – Three slices of whole wheat bread dipped in our egg batter. 3.99 Banana Nut Bread French Toast – 4.29

Cinnamon Swirl French

Toast A new spin on an old favorite – 4.29 LUNCH Sandwiches & wraps – Served with pickles & chipsChoice of:  BLT Turkey. Ham & Cheese. Chicken Salad. or Tuna sandwich

Served on Croissant or Choice of Breads – 4.99 Marci Melt – Our own chicken salad with bacon

tomato & Swiss cheese on a croissant – 629Dottie’s Own – Grilled on sour dough bread. jalapeno jelly turkey & cheddar cheese. Served with cole slaw. – gig Breast of Chicken Sandwich – Served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato grilled onions, melted cheese & bacon. – 629 Red Barn Club – On two slices of toasted bread with ham, turkey, swiss & cheddar cheese lettuce tomato & mayo – 659 Portabello Wrap – With spinach, Swiss and sun dried tomatoes 6.99

Cheese Blintzes – three sweet crepe’s filled with a mixture of cottage and ricotta cheese flavored with orange. -5.99Waffles – Belgian style – 4.19 with strawberries -14.99 Turkey Reuben – A lighter version of the classic presentation Served with potato salad – 629 Chicken Ranch Wrap – Grilled chicken breast, bacon.Lettuce, Tomato. Swiss cheese, with ranch dressing wrapped in  a Garlic & herb flour tortilla Veggie Wrap -Mixed vegetables with Swiss cheese and spicy guacamole wrapped in a tomato flour tortilla 6.29 Brad’s Fave – Seasoned chicken breast with onions, tomatoes melted cheddar & pineapple pepper . jelly on ,grilled sour dough bread with cole slaw 6.29 Siesta Grouper Sandwich – Twin filets of Grouper, Blackened, Served with Cole Slaw 6.29          

South of the Border Wrap – Ground beef with sauce, onion and Swiss Cheese 6.99 Blackened Grouper Wrap With Salsa, Black Beans and Swiss Cheese 6.79         

Loxy Melt Smoked Norwegian Salmon, lightly grilled with onions, tomatoes cream cheese on Rye 7.99